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What is Project Genesis?


Project Genesis is a registered nonprofit located outside Chimaltenango, Guatemala. The project was founded in 2012 by Ricardo Armas, a Guatemalan-born writer who received the calling to support and educate the children of this community. He has dedicated his life to helping raise the children of San Andrés Itzapa out of the cycle of poverty. Genesis serves over 115 children ages 3-14, providing them with educational support and health services. There are over 400 children in the surrounding communities that need the project's services and we are expanding every day.


Ricardo Oscar Armas, founder of Project Genesis, was born and raised in Guatemala. He lives with his wife and three children in neighborhood outside Antigua called Jocotenango. Ricardo is a published author, with two books already written and a third on the way. 


While he doesn't have much himself, Ricardo has spent the past five years dedicating his life to the children of San Andrés Itzapa. He has given everything to the project, including his car, job, and life's savings. It is our hope to one day support Ricardo in his ultimate dream of becoming a successful writer.


          Project Genesis was established by Ricardo Armas in 2012. Ricardo was born and raised just outside of Antigua, Guatemala. We take our namesake from Ricardo's daughter, Génesis (pronounced: HEN-esis), whom he named to reflect the fact that her birth completely changed his life, giving him a new beginning.

          In July of 2012, Armas visited the town of San Andres Itzapa, a rural community about an hour outside of Antigua, with his wife who had inherited property there. Arriving without any intention of anything more than a short visit, Ricardo left with a strong desire to help this community. He saw children without the opportunity to receive an education, and he recognized the long term effects on these families living in the cycle of poverty. He began visiting the community on weekends, taking his daughter with him so that he could teach her from the very beginning the importance of helping others. He gathered the children of the community together in an open field to teach them basic education, play games and give something positive to do as a community. When Ricardo's employer heard about what he was doing on the weekends, she told him he had to stop because the poor would bring bad luck to the company. Rather than quit what he was doing with the children, Ricardo quit his job and began coming to work with the kids every day. He has been running Project Genesis full-time since 2013, with no salary or stipend. We need your help to ensure that the project can continue and Ricardo doesn't have to sacrifice his livelihood to continue to uplift the community of San Andrés Itzapa.












Project Genesis has already proven itself to be a major force for good in this community. Ricardo's heart is full of love for these children, and he will stop at nothing to keep this dream alive- including selling his bed, car, and landing himself thousands of dollars in debt. For this reason, it is imperative that we help keep the project going.


Project Genesis...


-provides the kids with hope for the future and shows them the opportunities ahead of them.


-encourages locals to get involved in their community, and teaches them that they can make a difference.


-directly improves the health of the children through nutritional and medical programs.


-provides a community gathering and social meeting space.


-instills positive values such as cooperation, sharing, and integrity.


-directly improves the environment in which the children live through recycling programs and waste removal.


-supports the development of arts and culture in a community that cannot otherwise afford the luxury of education in these areas.​

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