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She's Here!

We are thrilled to announce that Mariel has given birth to a beautiful baby girl, Natalia! She was born on March 23rd around 4:00PM, and she is safe with her family now. Mariel is recovering well, and she and Ricardo are spending some much needed time with their three kids. With your support we have been able to provide this amazing family with basic supplies for their newest member, as well as continuing to provide quality education and community services at Project Genesis. Thank you!

Ricardo will be back at Project Genesis on Monday in an effort to keep services uninterrupted. We are far away from being able to provide a living wage for Ricardo so that he can continue donating all his time to this project, and at the moment he is still forced to find extra work on the side.

Would you consider donating $30 a month to ensure that Ricardo is able to keep the project open while also being able to spend time with his newborn? Sustaining contributions allow us to reliably continue our work and budget for the future.

Click here to support Ricardo and his family.

Any contributions made at this time will go toward supporting Ricardo so that he can spend more time with his family in the coming months––a time that is critical for the development of his baby girl. As always we are so grateful for your support and we are honored to be able to continue this journey with you.

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