Celebrating Six Years

On this exciting week at Project Genesis, we have no shortage of milestones to celebrate! So far, 2018 has brought us a brand new school, a bus, and a field trip to Antigua – just to mention a few. Ricardo and his team planned a special week of activities to celebrate an exciting year.

At the Project, the kids celebrated the anniversary week with dancing, art contests, and a spelling bee. After a week of fun and games at the school, the group of seventy-five kids and six adults embarked on the Project’s first long-distance field trip to Guatemala City. The bus was buzzing with excitement as the group arrived first at the Tikal Futura Mall for a pizza party. With full bellies, their special treat awaited: a night at the movie theater. The kids saw The Incredibles, Hotel Transylvania, or Jurassic World and had a blast. Most had never before had the opportunity to see a movie in theaters. Unanimously, the new and exciting experience was said to be the highlight of the week.

As for Ricardo, his week was one of reflection and gratitude for the many blessings of this sixth year. The road has not been easy, and there is much work yet to be completed, but the life-changing results of education, nutrition, healthcare, and community support have proven the value of his endeavors. He remarks, “It is a blessing to work with the children of my country and see them acquiring a sense of dignity. The completion of our school was a massive step towards our greater goal, given it is only the second school to be built in the region.”

We are grateful today for the many blessings of this sixth year and we cherish our supporters from across the world - those who have borne witness to the life-changing work of Project Genesis and donated their time and resources to further our mission. We pray for lasting success as we continue to empower the community of San Andrés Itzapa.

More pictures from this week:

Art Contest Winners!

At the Tikal Futura Mall.

Who doesn't love a good movie night?

We LOVE our volunteers!

Filling bellies before the movie starts. Pizza is always a crowd-pleaser.

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